360Solutions in World-Class Leadership Development Curriculum

360Solutions in World-Class Leadership Development Curriculum

360Solutions helps you build your firm through Leadership Development and Business Consulting.

We help you start, build and run your branded Business Transformation Advisory Firm so you can live a life of significance.

You're a professional with 15 plus years business experience. You're at or close to the top of your game and you know it's time to start helping others achieve success while building your own business rather than someone else's.Your experience, passion and drive gives you a solid foundation to start, but your wisdom tells you to plug into a proven system so you don't waste precious time.

In simple terms, you'll work with progressive business owners who understand their most valuable asset is their company and the employees that make it possible to exist but are under-achieving and call on you to Transform their company into a HIGH Performance Organization.

To do this, you'll use our Exclusive World-Class process, products and services to assess where these companies are then prescribe and facilitate a step-by-step plan that Creates Stability and the Positive Results Business Owners WANT and Employees NEED to THRIVE not just survive.

60 is the global leader in World-Class Leadership Development Curriculum, Assessments, Business Transformation Processes and Marketing for new or existing professional service firms. With 15 years experience and over 600 independent offices in 37 countries, we have everything you need to run a very successful and sustainable Business Advisory firm all under one roof.