Learning Experience Academy of Early Education The

Learning Experience Academy of Early Education The

The fastest growing child care and early education franchise in North America.

The Learning Experience is the most creative, support-oriented child care/preschool franchise on the market today. We have been able to set the standard in child care through the vast experience of our founders and executive officers that have been in the child care business for more than three decades. Through their collective experience and collaborative efforts, we have built, operated and franchised more than 2.5 million square feet of child care space in the majority of the U.S. and in four other countries. Experience in the education field is not required to become a success, because as a franchisee, you are the recipient of all the support, training, and tools it takes to achieve success.

We will deliver to you, a full turnkey, ready-to-open business that has set the standard for excellence in the child care industry. Additionally, we assist you with all permits and licensing needed to open. We provide all operational training and support. From hiring staff and marketing to training staff and making sure you’re in compliance with government laws. We will also provide you with a user-friendly and proprietary software that is viewable online, on smart phones and via an exclusive The Learning Experience iPad application that will allow you to monitor your business operations in real time for enrollment, budgeting, payroll and expense control.

Now, more than ever there is a dramatic demand for child care. As the number of families sending both parents into the workforce has increased exponentially, the need for quality child care has increased with it. Currently, more than 70% of mothers with children under the age of six have jobs or careers outside the home. In comparison, only 19% of mothers worked outside the home in 1960. As this trend continues to grow, the latest U.S. Census bureau report estimated that 8.4 million children have no formal child care available to them.

The Learning Experience is now looking for qualified applicants to help meet the growing need for quality care. Third party financing is available!